Annotated Bibliography of Selected Sources
for the Study of American Communal History

This annotated bibliography was compiled in the spring of 2004 and presented at the International Communal Studies Association Conference at Amana, Iowa in June 2004. Contributors were asked to provide annotated lists of useful sources for the study of specified communal groups.

The goal of this bibliography is to provide a useful resource for the study of American communal groups, drawing upon the bibliographic knowledge of recognized authorities on particular communal groups. Each bibliography reflects the expertise of the scholar/author who prepared it; therefore, each may look a little different.

Colonial Communal Settlements by Donald F. Durnbaugh

The Amana Society by Peter Hoehnle

Hutterites and the Bruderhof by Rod Janzen

The Oneida Community by Marlyn McGary Klee

Shaker Historiography: A Brief Introduction to Writings on Shaker History
by Elizabeth De Wolfe and Scott De Wolfe

Zoar by Kathleen Fernandez

Synanon Select Biography by Road Janzen

Annotated Bibliography Package Compilation of all of the bibliography above


Videotapes on Intentional Communities


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