Communal Societies, Vol. 9, 1989

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Communal Societies, Vol. 9


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Moravian Communal Life

  • THOMAS J. HAUPERT, Apprenticeship in the Moravian Settlement of Salem, North Carolina, 1766-86, 1
  • JOHANNA MILLER LEWIS, The Use of Water Power on the Wachovia Tract of North Carolina by the Moravians During the Eighteenth-Century, 10
  • JOHANNA MILLER LEWIS, Liturgical and Social Change in Moravian Communities, 1750-1823, 23

Communalism and the “New Age”

  • JAMES A. SANTUCCI, The Aquarian Foundation, 39
  • CHARLES REDENIUS, Lindisfarne: Change and Development in a Utopian Community, 62

Owenism in America and Ireland

  • LUCY JAYNE BOTSCHAROW, Disharmony in Utopia: Social Categories in Robert Owen’s New Harmony, 76
  • VINCENT GEOGHEGAN, Ralahine: Ireland’s Lost Utopia, 91
  • JACK CRITTENDEN, Veneration of Community, 105


  • NECHAMA SATATY, An Early View of the Shakers: Benson John Lossing and the Harper’s Article of July, 1857, by Don Gifford
  • The Shakers and the World’s People, by Flo Morse, 123
  • MARTIN D. JOACHIM, The Edward Deming Andrews Memorial Shaker Collection, by E. Richard McKinstry, 125
  • WILLIAM L. SMITH, The Shaker Holy Land: A Community Portrait, by Edward R. Horgan, 126
  • NORMAN H. MURDOCH, The Utopian Novel in America: 1886-1896; the Politics of Form, by Jean Pfaelzer, 128
  • ROD A. JANZEN, Life and Conduct of the late Brother Ezechiel Sangmeister, translated from the German Leben und Wandel by Ezechiel Sangmeister (translated by Barbara M. Schindler), 129


“Southwest View of Salem,” by Daniel Welfare; colored lithograph on paper; signed lower left “D. Welfare fecit AD 1824.” Courtesy of the Wachovia Historical Society.