Communal Societies, Vol. 6, 1986

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Communal Societies, Vol. 6


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  • JACK QUARTER, Intergenerational Discontinuity in the Israeli Kibbutz,1
  • LEWIS E. DURHAM, The Urban Middle-Class Communal Movement, 31
  • RONDA HEARD AND SUSAN BERGER, A Workshop for the Education and Formation of Communal Households, 40
  • ROGER WUNDERLICH, The Three Phases of Modern Times-Communitarian, Reform, and Long Island, 50
  • MARTIN A. BIERBAUM, Bolton Hall’s Free Acres Experiment: The Single Tax and Anarchism in New Jersey, 61
  • JANE DUPREE BEGOS, “Icaria”: A Footnote to the Peters Colony, 84

Two First-Hand Accounts

  • REGINA ROTH, Taizé: A Memoir, 95
  • LOUIS C. ANDROES, The Rajneesh Experience: A Report, 101
  • WILLIAM L. SMITH, The Use of Structural Arrangements and Organizational Strategies by Urban Communes, 118
  • W. THOMAS MAINWARING, Communal Ideals, Worldly Concerns, and the Moravians of North Carolina, 1753-1772, 138
  • LILLIAN M. SNYDER, The Contribution of Icarian, Alfred Piquenard, to Architecture in Iowa and Illinois, 163
  • JON WAGNER, Sexuality and Gender Roles in Utopian Communities: A Critical Survey of Scholarly Work, 172


  • NORMAN H. MURDOCH, The Salvation Army Farm Colonies by Clark C. Spence, 189
  • ARTHUR O. LEWIS, Red Star: The First Bolshevik Utopia, by Alexander Bogdanov,190


Photograph of the Iowa State Capitol, designed by the Icarian, Alfred Piquenard.