Communal Societies, Vol. 5, 1985

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Communal Societies, Vol. 5


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  • JONATHAN G. ANDELSON, The Gift To Be Single:  Celibacy and Religious Enthusiasm in the Community of True Inspiration, 1
  • MARIA FÖLLING-ALBERS, The Kibbutz as an Alternative Living Community and the Role of Education,  33
  • HENRY NEAR, Utopian and Post-Utopian Thought:  The Kibbutz as Model, 41
  • ATSUSHI SHIRAI, The Impact of Owenism on Japan, 59
  • CARL GUARNERI, Who Were the Utopian Socialists?  Patterns of Membership in American Fourierist Communities, 65
  • MELANIE ARCUDI AND PAULINE MEYER, The Brotherhood of the Sun, 1969-1985:  A Memoir,  82
  • JON WAGNER, Success in Intentional Communities:  The Problem of Evaluation,   89
  • MARTHA A. ACKELSBERG, Sexual Divisions and Anarchist Collectivization in Civil War Spain, 101
  • BEVERLY GORDON, Dress in American Communal Societies, 122
  • ARTHUR S. PARSONS, Redemptory Intimacy:  The Family Culture of the Unification Church, 137
  • LAWRENCE FOSTER, Shaker Spiritualism and Salem Witchcraft:  Social Perspectives on Trance and Possession Phenomena, 176
  • KNOX MELLON, Job Harriman and Llano del Rio:  The Chimerical Quest for a Secular Utopia, 194


  • SUSAN MATARESE, Women of Fair Hope, by Paul M. Gaston, 207
  • WILLIAM SIMS BAINBRIDGE, Technological Utopianism in American Culture, by Howard P. Segal, 208
  • MARGARET BEATTIE BOGUE, Letters from a Young Shaker:  William S. Byrd at Pleasant Hill, edited by Stephen J. Stein, 210
  • BEVERLY GORDON, A Lasting Spring, by Jessie Catherine Kinsley, 211
  • D’ANN CAMPBELL, Fanny Wright:  Rebel in America, by Celia Morris Eckhardt, 213
  • CARL GUARNERI, The Unbounded Frame:  Freedom and Community in Nineteenth-Century American Utopianism, by Michael Fellman, 214
  • JAMES H. SWEETLAND, The Utopian Vision of Charles Fourier:  Selected Texts on Work, Love, and Passionate Attraction, edited by Jonathan Beecher and Richard Bienvenu, 216
  • F. ALAN DUVAL (EMERITUS), Amana:  From Pietist Sect to American Community, by Diane L. Barthel, 217


Photo of Shaker Sisters outside the Express office at East Canterbury (N.H.) c 1914.  Photo courtesy of Hancock Shaker Village.