Communal Societies, Vol. 4, 1984

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Communal Societies, Vol. 4


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  • ISAO UEMICHI, Paradise in Japanese Literature, 1
  • WILLIAM SIMS BAINBRIDGE, The Decline of the Shakers: Evidence from the United States Census, 19
  • MICHAEL BARKUN, Communal Societies as Cyclical Phenomena, 35
  • GORDON F. SUTTON, Structural Features of an Enacted Community, 49
  • RUTH SHONLE CAVAN, Analysis of Health Practices among the Amish with Reference to Boundary Maintenance, 59
  • VIOLET AND ORLANDO J. GOERING, The Agricultural Communes of the Am Olam, 74
  • ANNE TAYLOR, Darkness into Light:  Laurence Oliphant’s Experience of Communal Discipline in the United States and Palestine, 87
  • PER NØRRUNG, Work or Activity:  From the Classical “Curse of Work” to the Willed Activity of Modern Production Communes, 97
  • TONYA K. FLESHER AND DALE L. FLESHER, The Contributions of Accounting to the Early Success of the Harmonists, 109
  • KAROL H. BOROWSKI, From the Tree House to the 2001 Center: The Renaissance Movement in the United States, 121

Three Views of Amana

  • WALTER GROSSMANN, The Origins of the True Inspired of Amana, 133
  • DONALD F. DURNBAUGH, Eberhard Ludwig Gruber and Johann Adam Gruber: A Father and Son as Early Inspirationist Leaders, 150
  • HENRY SCHIFF, Before and After 1932:  A Memoir, 161

Two Communitarian Women

  • JOSEPHINE MIRABELLA ELLIOTT, Madame Marie Fretageot: Communitarian Educator, 167
  • CELIA ECKHARDT, Fanny Wright: Rebel and Communitarian Reformer, 183

Two Memoirs

  • EDNA C. DON, The Nature of Chinese People’s Communes During the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976, 197
  • JEFFERSON P. SELTH, The Ashram of Graton Road:  Morning Star Ranch, a California Commune in the 1960’s, 204

Tenth Anniversary Addresses

  • DONALD E. PITZER, The Uses of the American Communal Past:  Keynote Address for the Tenth Annual Historic Communal Societies Conference, New Harmony, Indiana, October 13, 1983, 215
  • JOHN F. C. HARRISON, Owenite Communitarianism in Britain and America, 243


  • TED C. HINCKLEYCommunity on the American Frontier:  Separate but not Alone, by Robert V. Hine, 249
  • JANE F. CROSTHWAITE, Gift Drawing and Gift Song:  A Study of Two Forms of Shaker Inspiration, by Daniel W. Patterson, 250
  • MICHAEL FELLMAN, Religion, Society, and Utopia in Nineteenth-Century America by Ira L. Mandelker, 252
  • JANE DUPREE BEGOS, A Sort of Utopia, Scarsdale, 1891-1981, by Carol A. O’Connor, 254
  • JAYME A. SOKOLOW, The Second Coming:  Popular Millenarianism, 1780-1850, by John F. C. Harrison, 255
  • JOHN L. NETHERSThe Spirit and the Flesh:  Sex in Utopian Communities by Robert H. and Jeannette C. Lauer, 257
  • CORNELIUS KRAHN, Das Vergessne Volk:  Ein Jahr bei den Deutschen Hutterern in Kanada, by Michael Holzach, 258
  • GEORGE N. GREENMarxists and Utopians in Texas, by Ernst C. Fisher, 259
  • ROBERT GALBREATH, Miracles and Prophecies in Nineteenth-Century France, by Thomas A. Kselman, 261
  • STEVEN CARLTON-FORD, Ananda—Where Yoga Lives, by John Ball, 262
  • GREGORY W. BROWN, Cooperative Communities; How to Start Them and Why, by Swami Kriyananda, 264


From a photograph in The Amanas Yesterday:  Historic Photographs, 1900-1932.  (Iowa City, Iowa: Penfield Press, 1975; 215 Brown Street, Iowa City, IA  52245; $10.95, softcover.)