Communal Societies, Vol. 3, 1983

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Communal Societies, Vol. 3


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  • ROSEMARY D. GOODEN, A Preliminary Examination of the Shaker Attitude toward Work,
  • JEANETTE C. LAUER, Sex Roles in Nineteenth-century American Communal Societies,
  • JOHN CALVIN SPURLOCK, Anarchy & Community at Modern Times, 29-47
  • AVRAHAM YASSOUR, Topos & Utopia in Landauer’s & Buber’s Social Philosophy, 48-67
  • OTOHIKO OKUGAWA, Intercommunal Relationships among Nineteenth-century Communal Societies in America, 68-82
  • YAACOV OVED, Communes & the Outside World: Seclusion & Involvement, 83-92
  • HOWARD P.  SEGAL, From Utopian Communities to Utopian Writings: A Change in Form & Purpose, 93-100
  • DONALD W.  WHISENHUNT, Utopians, Communalism & the Great Depression, 101-10
  • NORMAN H. MURDOCH, Anglo-American Salvation Army Farm Colonies, 1890-1910,
  • JOHN L. NETHERS, Occupational Changes among the Old Order Amish in the Holmes County Vicinity of Ohio, 122-39


  • HERBERT A. WISBEY, Jr., Research Note: Rufus Rockwell Wilson’s Tour of Five Utopian Communities in 1888, 140-46
  • JANE DUPREE BEGOS, , ed. and trans., Document: Henri Levi’s The Perilous Voyage to Icaria, 147-57
  • RICHARD D.WETZEL, J C. M W.C. Peters at Economy: A Reappraisal, 158-74


  • JOHN HARLOW OTT, The Shaker Holy Land: A Community Portrait, by Edward R. Horgan,  175-76
  • ROSE MARY LAWSON, The Sodus Shaker Community, by Herbert A. Wisbey, Jr., 176-77
  • ROGER L. HALL, The Shaker Spiritual, by Daniel W Patterson, 177-79
  • BILL C. MALONE, Music of the Shakers (Record), by Salli Terri, arranger, 179-80.
  • CARL GUARNERI, The Grand Domestic Revolution: A History of Feminist Designs for American Homes, Neighborhoods, and Cities, by Dolores Hayden,  180-82.
  • JOHN BONSIGNORE, The Boundaries of Utopia, by Carol Weisbrod, 182-84
  • WILLIAM F. VARTORELLA, Extraordinary Groups: The Sociology of Unconventional Life-Styles, 2nd ed., by William M. Kephart, 184-86
  • FRANK H. SMYRL, Passionate Liberator: Theodore Dwight Weld and the Dilemma of Reform, by Rober H. Abzug, 186-87