Communal Societies, Vol. 26 No.2, 2006

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Communal Societies, Vol. 26-2


  • DAN MCKANAN, Self-Unfolding as Communitarian Vision:  Brook Farm’s Challenge to Contemporary Communities 1
  • DAVID J. HOWLETT, The Bruderhof’s “System of Objects” :A Case Study in Material Culture  and Christian Praxis, 1920-2001 19
  • ROD JANZEN, STEPHEN SCOTT AND HANNAH SCOTT, Communal Aspects of Old Order River Brethren Life 43
  • ERIKA DOOT, Tourism Encourages Heritage Preservation in the Amana Colonies 65
  • THEODORE KALLMAN, The Pilgrimage of Ralph Albertson 79
  • SORA H. FRIEDMAN, Planned Communities of the New Deal 99
  • GLENDYNE WERGLAND, Validation in the Shaker Era of Manifestations:  A Process
    Analysis 121
  • MARK KRUGER, The Concept of Individualism in American Historical Communities 141


  • JEFFREY S. RASLEY, The Outlaws of Kalalau, the Aloha Spirit, and Threats to the
    Commune 167


  • DEBORAH ALTUS, Living Walden Two:  B. F. Skinner’s Behaviorist Utopia and Experimental Communities by Hilke Kuhlmann 17
  • HOLLY FOLK, The Distinctiveness of Moravian Culture:  Essays and Documents in Moravian History in Honor of Vernon H. Nelson on his Seventieth Birthday by Craig D. Atwood and Peter Vogt, eds. 184
  • HOLLY FOLK, The Church Universal and Triumphant:  Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Apocalyptic Message by Bradley C. Whitsel 186
  • LAWRENCE FOSTER, One Shaker Life:  Isaac Newton Youngs 1793-1865 by Glendyne R. Wergland 188
  • RUTH BAER LAMBACH, Interracialism and Christian Community in the Postwar South: The Story of Koinonia Farm by Tracy Elaine K’Meyer 191
  • RUTH BAER LAMBACH, On the Edge of the Future:  Esalen and the Evolution of American Culture by Jeffrey J. Kripal and Glenn W. Shuck, eds. 194
  • JOANNA WIEBE, Power, Authority, and the Anabaptist Tradition by Benjamin W. Redekop and Calvin W. Redekop, eds 199


Sannerz House, 2004.  Photograph courtesy of the Bruderhof.  In 1920, this old villa in Sannerz, a small village in central Germany, became the first site of the Bruderhof.  In 1937 Nazi harassment forced the community to leave Sannerz, but in 2002, the group returned, re-purchased the villa and started a new community, which includes descendents of earlier residents.