Communal Societies, Vol. 25, 2005

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Communal Societies, Vol. 25


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  • MIKE TYLDESLEY, Watson Thomson: An “Insider” Critique of Intentional Community
  • DONALD W. WHISENHUNT, John Affolter:  Co-op Activist and community Builder   15
  • LAURIE RIVLIN HELLER, Basic Sense:  The More Philosophy of Victor Baranco and the Institute of Human Abilities   29
  • JAMES J. KOPP AND CAROL GINTER, Seeking Prosperity and Freedom on the Oregon Coast:   The Bellamy Colony, Lincoln County, Oregon (1897-1899)   57
  • MICHAEL CLARK AND PAMELA J. CLARK, Colorado Co-operative Colony:  The Brook Farm of the West   75
  • JOANNE E. PASSET, Beyond Berlin Heights:  The Free Lovers in History and Memory   91
  • SUZANNE R. SMITH AND BRON B. INGOLDSBY, Dating and Educational Behaviors of Hutterian Youth   113
  • ANNETTE LUCIA GIESECKE, Vitruvius to Vinyl:  Paradise Lost:  A Field Report from the Cul-de-Sacs of Despair   127
  • DALE A. JOHNSTON, A Cyber-Bibliographic Essay:  Internet Resources for Exploring Nineteenth Century American Utopian Communities   147


  • MARTINE VONK, Timon Communities in the Netherlands   177

Reviews Essays

  • Fictional Intentional Communities in Literature,
    • KRIS LATONA, The Hippie Trip;
    • CLAIRE GARDEN, Child of the Wild Wind;
    • GEORGIA BLAIN, Names for Nothingness;
    • TOM SHAPCOTT, Spirit Wrestlers;
  • Memoirs of the 60s Communes, Just in Time,
    • ARTHUR KOPECKY, New Buffalo:  Journal from a Taos Commune;
    • MARGARET HOLLENBACH, Lost and Found:  My Life in a Group Marriage Commune;
    • ROBERTA PRICE Huerfano:  A Memoir of Life in the Counterculture;
    • D’ARCY FALLON, So Late, So Soon: A Memoir;


  • SUSAN LOVE BROWNUnder the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith; DOROTHY ALLRED SOLOMON,  Predators, Prey, and Oher Kinfolk:  Growing Up in Polygamy by Jon Krakauer   195
  • RUTH B. LAMBACHThe Findhorn Book of Community Living by Bill Metcalf   199
  • DAN MCKANANA Priceless View: My spiritual Homecoming by Dierdre Cornell  202
  • BILL METCALFLiving in Utopia:  New Zealand’s Intentional Communities by Lucy Sargisson and Lyman Tower Sargent   205
  • GILES WAYLAND-SMITHFree Love in Utopia:  John Humphrey Noyes and the Origin of the Oneida Community by Lawrence Foster, Ed.   208


Hutterite Grist Mill, Velke Levare, Slovakia, 1935.  Oil painting by Hutterite descendent Heinrich Bartosik.  Photograph courtesy of Henry J. Bartosik.  Most members of the Velke Levare Hutterite Community converted to Catholicism in the mid-18th century but they continued to live semi-communally as a  separate German-speaking ethnic group called Habaner, until World War I.  This oil painting was done by Heinrich Bartosik one year after he immigated to the United States.  In May 2005 the painting was donated to a museum in Malacky, Slovakia, which holds a  large Hutterite archival collection.