Communal Societies, Vol. 23, 2003

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  • ROBERT BATES GRABER AND C. RAYMOND BARROW, A General Typology of Communalism, 1
  • EBERHARD FRITZ, Roots of Zoar, Part Two, 29
  • ETTA MADDEN, Cider as a Sign:  Diverse Interpretations of Shaker Spirits and Spirituality, 45
  • DIANA M. GARNO, Cabet’s Recruitment of Women for the Icarian Emigration to America and Women’s Sense of Betrayal, 63
  • JESSIE L. EMBRY AND JANIECE JOHNSON, Harmony Hills: A Twentieth Century Mormon Cooperative, 75
  • TIM HODGDON, “The Male Work Ethic Was Busted”:  Black Bear Ranch, 1968-1974, 95
  • NELL COOK, Stories and Storytelling in Intentional Community, 121
  • DAN MCKANAN, Intentional Individuals:  Growing Up in Radical Christian Communities, 129


  • CHARLES E. MOORE, Not a Lifestyle, 145


  • SHIRLEY ANDREWS, Shaking the Faith:  Women, Family, and Mary Marshall Dyer’s Anti-Shaker Campaign, 1815-1867, by Elizabeth DeWolfe, 151
  • PETER HOEHNLE, The Amish in the American Imagination, by David Weaver-Zercher, 153
  • MARLYN MCGARY KLEE., Desire and Duty at Oneida:  Tirzah Miller’s Intimate Memoir, by Robert S. Fogarty, ed.,  155
  • TIMOTHY MILLER, Drop City, by T. Coraghessan Boyle, 160


The journal cover shows the former Harmony Hills Chapel (Latter Day Saints) near San Juan Bautista, California, 1987.  Photograph courtesy of Gary Cameron, Hollister, California.