Communal Societies, Vol. 20, 2000

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Communal Societies, Vol. 20


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  • PETER MICHAEL FORSTER AND WILLIAM JAMES METCALF, Communal Groups: Social Laboratories or Places of Exile?, 1
  • JAMES A. KITTS, Analyzing Communal Life-Spans: A Dynamic Structural Approach, 13
  • CLARK KIMBERLING, “I am, dear Sir, your grateful disciple, Margaret Chappellsmith,” 27
  • BRADLEY B. ANDREW AND METIN M. COSGEL, Regional Differences in the Size and Composition of Communal Membership: The Shakers, 1850-187,0 45
  • PETER HOEHNLE, Communal Bonds: Contact between the Amana Society and Other Communal Groups, 1843-1932, 59
  • CHARLES P. LEWARNE, The Commune That Didn’t Come to Town: The Love Israel Family and a Small Town in Idaho, 81


  • ELLEN BROSLOVSKY, Just to Breathe: Personal Recollections of Synanon Founder Chuck Dederich 97


  • ALLEN BUTCHER, People of the Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia, by Michael I. Niman, 109
  • WENDY E. CHMIELEWSKI, Two Kingdoms, Two Loyalties: Mennonite Pacifism in Modern America, by Perry Bush, 112
  • YVONNE BELANGER JOHNSON, A Socialist Utopia in the New South: The Ruskin Colonies in Tennessee and Georgia, 1894-1901, by W. Fitzhugh Brundage, 114
  • MARLYN MCGARY KLEE, Moravian Women’s Memoirs: Their Related Lives, 1750-1820,translated by Katherine M. Faull, 117
  • BRUCE PLENK, Voices From the Farm, edited by Rupert Fike, 120
  • PHILIP E. WEBBER, Picturing Utopia: Bertha Shambaugh and the Amana Photographers, by Abigail Foerstner, 122


The journal cover shows five members of the Love Israel family performing at the University Street Fair in Seattle, Washington, circa 1970. Love Israel is the man on the far right. Photograph by Barbara Bruch, Sev Shoon Arts Center, Seattle, Washington.