Communal Societies, Vol. 16, 1996

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Communal Societies, Vol. 16


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  • AMANDA PORTERFIELD, A Sister to Oneida: The Missionary Movement at Mount Holyoke, 1
  • MARLYN KLEE-HARTZELL,  The Oneida Community Family, 15
  • MICHAEL TYLDESLEY, Gustav Landauer and the Bruderhof Communities, 23
  • TIMOTHY MILLER, Artists’ Colonies as Communal Societies in the Arts and Crafts Era, 43
  • MASSIMO INTROVIGNE, Damanhur: A Magical Community in Italy, 71
  • LYMAN TOWER SARGENT, Index to Communal Societies Volumes 1-15 (1981-1995), 85


  • CHARLES P. LEWARNE, All Possible Worlds: Utopian Experiments in British Columbia,by Justine Brown, 105
  • THOMAS MANSHEIM, Torches Extinguished: Memories of a Communal Bruderhof Childhood in Paraguay, Europe, and the USA, by Elizabeth Bohlken-Zumpe;
    Distant Brothers: History of the Relations Between the Bruderhof and the Kibbutz, by Yaacov Oved;
    Free From Bondage: After Forty Years in Bruderhof Communities on Three Continents, by Nadine Moonje Pleil,  107
  • MAX E. STANTON, The Plough and the Pen: Paul S. Gross and the Establishment of the Spokane Hutterian Brethren, by Vance Joseph Youmans, 110
  • PEARL W. BARTELT, Jewish Agricultural Colonies in New Jersey, 1882-1920, by Ellen Eisenberg, 112
  • CARL J. GUARNERI, God’s Government Begun: The Society of Universal Inquiry and Reform, 1842-1846, by Thomas D. Hamm, 113
  • HARV BISHOP, Is It Utopia Yet?: An Insider’s View of Twin Oaks Community in Its Twenty-Sixth Year, by Kat Kinkade, 115
  • MIKE CUMMINGS, From Utopian Dreaming to Communal Reality: Cooperative Lifestyles in Australia, edited by Bill Metcalf, 118
  • ELIZABETH A. DE WOLFE, Women, Family, and Utopia: Communal Experiments of the Shakers, the Oneida Community, and the Mormons, by Lawrence Foster, 120
  • ROD JANZEN, Banished for Faith, by Emil J. Waltner, 121
  • PHILIP E. WEBBER, Propheten der Goethezeit: Sprache, Literatur und Wirkung der Inspirierten, by Ulf-Michael Schneider, 123
  • LUCY JAYNE KAMAU, Historic New Larnark: The Dale and Owen Industrial Community Since 1785, by Ian Donnachie and George Hewitt, 125


The Ronneburg Castle in Hesse, Germany, was the site of one of the assemblies of the Community of True Inspirationists. The Inspirationists migrated in the mid-nineteenth-century to the USA, first to the vicinity of Buffalo, New York, and then to Iowa. Descendants still live there in the Amana Colonies.