Communal Societies, Vol. 15, 1995

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Communal Societies, Vol. 15


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  • GLENDYNE R. WERGLAND, Lust, “A Snare of Satan to Beguile the Soul”: New Light on Shaker Celibacy’ 1
  • SUSAN MATARESE AND PAUL SALMON, Assessing Psychopathology in Communal Societies, 25
  • GAYLE V. FISCHER, Dressing to Please God: Pants-Wearing Women in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Religious Communities, 55
  • RUTH KARK, Post Civil War American Communes: A Millenarian Utopian Commune Linking Chicago and Nås, Sweden, to Jerusalem, 75
  • PHILIP WEBBER, “Das Depot and the Post Office”: Language Contact and Social Perspectives among the Early Inspirationists, 115

Research Note

  • RACHEL E. WRIGHT-SUMMERTON, Survey of Letters to Padanaram Settlement,1967-1991/1992, 121


  • HARVEY BAKER, Eco-Villages and Sustainable Communities, by Diane Gilman and Robert Gilman, 131
  • PHILIP DARE, American Utopias, by Charles Nordhoff (with a foreword and afterword by Robert Fogarty), 133
  • GERALD GUTEK, Partnership for Posterity: The Correspondence of William Maclure and Marie Duclos Fretageot, by Josephine Elliott, 134
  • SUSAN MATARESE, Shaker Cities of Peace, Love and Union: A History of Hancock Bishopric, by Devorah E. Burns, 136
  • JEANNE SCHULER, Marxism and Christian Utopianism: Toward a Socialist Political Theology, by John Marsden, 138
  • LAURA WEAVER, The Amish Struggle with Modernity, by Donald B. Karybill and Marc Olshan, 141
  • JONATHAN ANDELSON, Beyond Counterculture: The Community of Mateel, by Jentri
    Anders, 143


The Ronneburg Castle in Hesse, Germany, was the site of one of the assemblies of the Community of True Inspirationists. The Inspirationists migrated in the mid-nineteenth-century to the USA, first to the vicinity of Buffalo, New York, and then to Iowa. Descendants still live there in the Amana Colonies.