Communal Societies, Vol. 14, 1994

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Perspectives On Amana

  • JONATHAN G. ANDELSON, Introduction: Boundaries in Communal Amana, 1
  • JONATHAN G. ANDELSON, What the Amana Inspirationists Were Reading, 7
  • LANNY HALDY, In All the Papers: Newspaper Accounts of Communal Amana, 1867-1924, 20
  • METIN M. COSGEL, Market Integration and Agricultural Efficiency of Communal Amana, 36
  • SHERI F. CRAWFORD, Arcosanti: An American Community Looking Toward the
    Millennium, 49
  • ROD JANZEN, The Prairieleut: A Forgotten Hutterite People, 67
  • GARRY FAVEL, Culture, Collectivism and Chaos: A Case Study, 90
  • DONNA PARKER, “Ho! For Drakes Creek:” Something Ventured, Nothing Gained, 113


  • ERIC ALDEN ELIASON, Kidnapped from That Land: The Government Raids on the Short Creek Polygamists, by Martha Sontag Bradley, 123
  • CLAUDE K. SLUDER, Shaker Songs: Come to Zion, by Norumbega Harmony and The Singers of Hancock Shaker Village, 125
  • ROBERT P. SUTTON, Utopian Episodes: Daily Life in Experimental Colonies Dedicated to Changing the World, by Seymour R. Kesten, 127
  • ROBERT J. ROSENTHAL, The Concept of Utopia, by Ruth Levitas, 129
  • GERHARD K. FRIESEN, George Rapp’s Years of Glory: Economy on the Ohio 1834-1847,by Karl J. R. Arndt, 130
  • DIANE SASSON, Women in Spiritual and Communitarian Societies in the United States, by Wendy Chmielewski, Louis J. Kern and Marlyn Klee-Hartzell, 132
  • D’ANN CAMPBELL, This Strange Society of Women: Reading the Letters and Lives of the Women’s Commonwealth, by Sally L. Kitch 134


1818 map shows the location of both Shakers’ Drakes Creek mill (designated with an arrow) and Shakertown in Logan County. Courtesy of The Kentucky Library, Western Kentucky University.