Communal Societies, Vol. 12, 1992

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Communal Societies, Vol. 12


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  • CAROL WEISBROD, Communal Groups and the Larger Society: Legal Dilemmas, 1
  • BRET T. CARROLL,Spiritualism and Community in Antebellum America: The Mountain Cove Episode, 20
  • DAVID T. STEWART, A Survey of Shiloh Arts, 40
  • LUCY JAYNE KAMAU,The Anthropology of Space in Harmonist and Owenite New Harmony, 68
  • DENNIS HARDY, Utopian Communities in Britain in the Early Twentieth Century: The Example of New Town, 90


  • CAROL KOLMERTEN, Voices from New Harmony: The Letters of Hannah Fisher Price and Helen Gregoroffsky Fisher, 113


  • CARMEN HENDERSHOTT, The Hippies and American Values, by Timothy Miller, 129
  • JEFFREY KAPLAN, When Prophets Die: The Postcharismatic Fate of New Religious Movements, edited by Timothy Miller, 131
  • KATHRYN MANSON TOMASEK, The Utopain Alternative: Fourierism in Nineteenth-Century America, by Carl J. Guarneri, 132
  • OKSANA CARLSON, American Communes to 1860; a Bibliography, by Philip N. Dare, 134


Shiloh’s school building, Dexter, Oregon. Bob Huston, architect. Courtesy of Shiloh Youth Revival Centers.