Communal Societies, Vol. 11, 1991

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Communal Societies, Vol. 11


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Shaker Studies

  • JEAN M. HUMEZ, “Weary of Petticoat Government”: The Specter of Female Rule in Early Nineteenth-Century Shaker Politics, 1
  • STEPHEN PATERWIC, From Individual to Community: Becoming a Shaker at
    New Lebanon, 18
  • JAMES LATIMORE, Natural Limits on the Size and Duration of Utopian Communities, 34
  • DONALD F. DURNBAUGH, Relocation of the German Bruderhof to England, South America, and North America, 62
  • JOHN E. LYONS, Toil and a Peaceful Life: Peter V. Verigin and Doukhobor Education, 78


  • TIMOTHY MILLER, All Things New: American Communes and Utopian Movements, 1860-1914, by Robert S. Fogarty, 93
  • JOHN B. WOLFORD, Shaker Village Views: Illustrated Maps and Landscape Drawings by Shaker Artists of the Nineteenth Century, by Robert P. Emlen; Shaker Furniture Makers, by Jerry V. Grant and Douglas R. Allen, 95
  • STANLEY E. HORST, Fair, Clear, and Terrible: The Story of Shiloh, Maine, by Shirley Nelson, 99
  • ERNEST J. GREEN, Great Possessions: An Amish Farmer’s Journal, by David Kline, 101
  • CHARLES P. LEWARNE, The Reluctant Radicals: Jacob Beilhart and the Spirit Fruit Society, by James L. Murphy, 102;
  • Spirit Fruit: A Gentle Utopia, by H. Roger Grant, 102

Book Notes





  • JAMES H. SWEETLAND, The European Journals of William Maclure, edited by John S. Doskey, 104






A little over one-third of the members of the New Lebanon North Family posed on the south side of the second dwelling house. It appeared in the March, 1893, edition of Pomeroy’s Advance Thought newspaper. It was perhaps taken during the summer of 1892, just a few months before Elder Frederick Evans was released from being the first elder.