Communal Societies, Vol. 10, 1990

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Communal Societies, Vol. 10


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Socialist and Anarchist Communities

  • GERD ALFRED PETERMANN, The Communia and Sociality Colonies and Their Roots in the German Social-Reform Movement of St. Louis, 1846-47, 1
  • AXEL ROLF SCHAEFER, The Intellectual Dilemma of Socialist Communitarian Thought: The Communal Settlements of Equality and Burley in Washington, 24
  • CHRISTINA M. LEMIEUX, The Sunrise Cooperative Farm Community: A Collectivist Utopian Experiment, 39

The Reformation Heritage

  • TIMOTHY MILLER, A Guide to the Literature on the Hutterites, 68
  • ANN K. U. TUSSING, The Hungry Orphan, Conrad Beissel, 87
  • STEPHEN J. STEIN, Shaker Gift and Shaker Order: A Study of Religious Tension in Nineteenth-Century America, 102
  • LEROY J. DAY, Koinonia Partners: An Intentional Community Since 1942, 114


  • GAILFRED BOLLER SWEETLAND, Pilgrims of a Common Life: Christian Community of Goods through the Centuriesby, Trevor J. Saxby, 124
  • JOHN E. MURRAY, Shaker Communities, Shaker Lives, by Priscilla J. Brewer, 125
  • PAULA LOCKLAIR, The Transformation of Moravian Bethlehem: From Communal Mission to Family Economy, by Beverly Prior Smaby, 127
  • ARTHUR S. KEENE, Industrial Colonies and Communities, by Stephen Jackson, 128


The first page of the first issue of Der Antipfaff, edited and published in St. Louis from 1842 to 1845 by Heinrich Koch, one of the earliest rationalist German-American papers and the first to explicitly address an audience of workingmen. Courtesy of the Missouri Historical Society.