Communal Societies Journal Vol 35, No 1

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Communal Societies, Vol. 35-1



  • MICHAEL STREZEWSKI, Harmonist Demography and Town Planning in New Harmony, Indiana
  • DORON TIMOR AND URI COHEN, The Kibbutzim’s Attitude toward Institutions of Higher Education: From Rejection and Reservation to Integration
  • CAROLINE CLARKE, The Advent of the Disappointed: Why the Millerites Joined the Shakers and Why They Quickly Left


  • DONALD E. PITZER, The Communal Studies Association at Forty: A Personal Retrospective


  • DAVID VAUGHN MASON, Brigham Young: Sovereign in America Stewart Davenport
  • VERONICA DAWSON, Chinchilla’s Communal Settlers Ruth S. Kerr
  • PETER HOEHNLE, EDITOR, The Inspirationists, 1714-1932 Jonathan Andelson
  • MATTHEW KES’IER, Remembering Iosepa: History, Place. and Relies in the American West D. E. “Gene” Mills Jr.
  • CRISPIN SARTWELL, EDITOR, The Practical Anarchist: Writings of Josiah Warren Susan Love Brown
  • JAMES R. INNIS JR. AND THOMAS SAKMYSTER. EDITORS, The Shakers of White Water, Ohio. 1823-1916 Marc A. Rhorer


Vine houses at New Harmony, Indiana (Photographs the Carol M Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress. and Photographs Division.)