Communal Societies Journal Vol 31, No 2

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Communal Societies, Vol. 31-2



  • HOLLY FOLK, Zion City: A Theocratic Municipality, With a Coda on Ave Maria.
  • JAMES HORROX, City Communes in Israel: Prolegomena to a Morphology¬† Urban Communalism.
  • CAROL MEDLICOTT, Our spiritual ancestors: Alonzo Hollister’s Record of Shaker “Pioneers” in the West.
  • ADAM KRAKOWSKI, Stillness at Last: Preservation of the Built Environment at Sabbathday Lake.


  • ELENA BROSLOVSKY,¬†Thickened Light” and the Lengthened Shadow of Charles F. Dederich.


  • CHARLES LE WARNE, The Love Israel Family: Urban Commune, Rural Commune, Holly Folk.
  • JOEL NATHAN ROSEN, From New Lanark to Mound Bayou: Owenism in the Mississippi Delta, Lucy Jayne Kamau.
  • JAN MARTIN BANG, Ed. Camphill: From Founding Seed to Worldwide Movement, Dan McKanan.
  • CARL BENTON STRAUB, An Honorable Harvest: Shakers and the Natural World, Carol Medlicott.
  • HENRY NEAR, Where Community Happens: The Kibbutz and the Philosophy of Communalism, Bill Metcalf.
  • JOHN NEWTON, The Double Rainbow: James K. Baxter, Ngati Hau and the Jerusalem Commune, Bill Metcalf.